Gino v. President and Fellows of Harvard College et al

  1. March 12, 2024

    Harvard Data Fraud Report To Be Released In Libel Case

    A Harvard Business School's internal investigative report concerning data fraud allegations against a suspended professor will be made public in a defamation lawsuit against the school, a federal district judge ordered Tuesday.

  2. March 08, 2024

    Harvard Prof Fights Release Of School's Data Fraud Report

    A Harvard researcher put on leave for allegedly fabricating research data told a Boston federal judge Friday it would be "poor policy" to let the school make public an internal 1,200-page report to dispute claims in a $25 million defamation suit she filed after her employer's accusations placed her at the center of a "media firestorm."

  3. November 09, 2023

    Profs Say Harvard Research Fraud Report Wasn't Defamation

    Three business school professors who warned Harvard University about anomalies in papers published by one of its faculty members have said their statements are shielded from the researcher's defamation claims, citing the First Amendment's broad protection for academic debate. 

  4. August 02, 2023

    Harvard Prof Says Fraud Claims 'Sullied If Not Destroyed' Rep

    A Harvard University professor accused of fabricating research data on Wednesday filed a defamation lawsuit in Massachusetts federal court against the school and three academics who publicized the fraud allegations on their blog, saying her reputation "has been sullied if not destroyed."