The 2023 Diversity Snapshot

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Law360 Pulse's Diversity Snapshot reveals that firms are making headway in their efforts to diversify their ranks, though progress remains slow.

When it comes to minority representation, the population of associates at law firms is starting to more closely resemble the pool of attorneys coming out of law school. But in the partner ranks, the proportion of minority attorneys remains comparatively small.

This year's Diversity Snapshot includes interviews with some general counsel on their expectations of diversity at firms, as well as a look back through some of the more successful initiatives firms have devised to bolster their ranks with attorneys from underrepresented groups.

Law360's Diversity Snapshot: How Firms Stack Up

Law firms are working to diversify their ranks, though progress remains slow. In this year's Diversity Snapshot, Law360 Pulse takes a look at how diversity in law firms' headcounts compares with what it could be based on the potential marketplace of new hires.

Law360's Diversity Snapshot: Representation In The Ranks

Law360's latest Diversity Snapshot ranking provides a window into the demographic realities of law firms at the end of 2022, a year of robust hiring for many law firms before some business areas began to cool. Here's a more detailed look at the representation of minority attorneys at the associate and partner levels.

Law360's Diversity Snapshot: What You Need To Know

Firms continue to face pressure to diversify their attorney workforce, and they are slowly but surely making progress. Here's our data dive into minority representation at law firms in 2022.

These Firms Have The Most Diverse Equity Partnerships

Law firms have made only modest progress in moving the needle on diversity, particularly at the equity partnership level. Still, a few are setting a new standard for representing attorneys of color in the uppermost ranks.

GCs Really Want To Help Firms Improve On Diversity

General counsel want law firms to provide attorneys from historically underrepresented groups to staff their matters and to hear about firms' plans for diversifying the pipeline. They're also willing to devote their own time to helping firms improve on their ability to deliver in these areas.

DEI Roundup: 3 Lessons For Law Firms

For many firms seeking to build diverse teams, simply having a diversity, equity and inclusion program is no longer enough. Experts share their thoughts with Law360 Pulse on how to strategize as we revisit our coverage of three firms that succeeded in greatly improving their diversity metrics.

We Must Continue DEI Efforts Despite High Court Headwinds

Though the U.S. Supreme Court recently struck down affirmative action in higher education, law firms and their clients must keep up the legal industry's recent momentum advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the profession in order to help achieve a just and prosperous society for all.


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