Louis et al v. SAFERENT SOLUTIONS, LLC et al

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Civil Rights: Accomodations

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Class Action


Angel Kelley


  1. March 29, 2024

    Tenant Screener To Pay $2.2M Over Race Bias Claims

    A tenant screening company has reached a settlement in Massachusetts federal court to end claims brought by a class of housing applicants who alleged its practices disproportionately exclude Black and Hispanic renters.

  2. July 27, 2023

    Judge Says Tenant Screening Co. Subject To Fair Housing Act

    A Massachusetts federal judge ruled this week that the company behind a tenant screening algorithm that caught the U.S. government's eye is subject to the Fair Housing Act, rebuffing an attempt by the screening firm and a Boston landlord to duck potential tenants' racial bias claims.

  3. February 21, 2023

    Credit Histories Fair Game For Tenant Checks, Court Told

    A tenant-screening firm and a Boston landlord urged a Massachusetts federal court to toss claims the firm's screening algorithm shut out Black and Hispanic renters, arguing that federal agencies have clearly greenlighted the use of credit scores in housing decisions.

  4. January 10, 2023

    Feds Say Tenant Screener Is Subject To Fair Housing Act

    The U.S. government told a Massachusetts federal court that tenant-screening firm SafeRent Solutions is subject to the Fair Housing Act, giving a boost to claims by two would-be renters that the company's algorithm was unfairly used against them.

  5. December 20, 2022

    Tenant Group Asks to Keep Third-Party Screening Suit Alive

    Two Massachusetts renters and an advocacy group asked a federal judge not to dismiss their lawsuit against SafeRent Solutions LLC, saying they can prove the company's scoring tool disproportionately denies housing to people of color by using credit scores.

  6. October 28, 2022

    Tenant Screening Co. Seeks Quick Exit in FHA Suit

    Third-party tenant screening company SafeRent Solutions LLC asked a federal judge in Massachusetts on Thursday to dismiss a proposed class action by two women and a fair housing organization that accuses the company of disproportionately denying housing to people of color, saying fair housing laws don't apply because the company is not a housing provider and does not make housing decisions.

  7. May 25, 2022

    Screener Faces FHA Claims Over Tenant Scoring Algorithm

    Two Massachusetts women and a fair housing organization on Wednesday accused a tenant screening company of racial discrimination in violation of the Fair Housing Act, saying its scoring tool disproportionately denies housing to Black and Hispanic renters.